Perk Jakerz's gamer pic

Perk Jakerz
Some attributes
First Occupation: Editor/Host
Second Gamertag: xXJakeSn1p3rXx
Third real name: Jakob, more commonly know as Jake
Other attributes

Perk Jakerz is a main member of the Perk Clan and is the current editor for Perk. He is also the host of Perk's Let's Play... videos along side Perk HZRD and Perk Vortex


Not much is known about Perk Jakerz at this moment.


  • He has appeared in 6 episodes, makeing him appearing in the most videos for Perk
  • He knows all the members of Perk in real life except Perk HZRD
  • His Perk emblem is PhD Flopper[1]