Perk HZRD's gamer pic



Some attributes
First Occupation: Host
Second Gamertag: RTGM007 2
Third real name: Richard
Other attributes

Perk HZRD is a main member of the Perk Clan and is the host for Perk's Let's Play... videos along side Perk Jakerz and his friend Perk Vortex He is useally the person announcing and running all the videos he appears in.


Perk HZRD a.k.a RichardtheGameMaster was born in Colorado. He started his first YouTube account on Feb 1, 2011. [1] He made videos but wasn't a big hit at first. His most popular video, Call of Duty World at War iPhone Version Wunderwaffe Gameplay Part 1[2] has only over 1,000 views in the course of 2 years. He joined Perk in the beginning of April of 2013.


  • He has only appeared of 3 videos by Perk
  • He is the oldest member of Perk, at age 15
  • He has 3 other YouTube accounts, RichardtheGameMaster, RTGMLetsPlays, [3] and PerkHRZD [4] his solo Perk account.
  • His Perk emblem is Tombstone Soda[5]


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